Music, Theater, Dance, and  Art

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Performing Arts and Music Camp



If your child is interested in art or want to expand his or her knowledge in art, there are several art classes to choose from such as Basic Art, Arts and Craft, Lyrics & Poetry, Costume Jewelry, and Basket Weaving.

These courses will help your child develop his or her own sense of
Artistic style.  Our teachers will work with each student on their own painting or drawing goal. The courses will focus on famous artists, artistic styles, and important periods in art.Some classes will give technical advices on perspective, light, color, and composition.Campers will be able to create a collection of masterpieces from self-portraits to still livesto landscapes. Their work will be displayed at our Camper's Art Gallery on the last week of camp.We have summer classes for children K to 12th grades. JR. CAMP COUNSELORS NEEDED ages 15-17 to help assist in the classrooms.


If you are a young aspiring musician who wants to master your skill or improve your skills with your instrument or voice, this is a great non-competitive way to learn at your own pace. Each class is designed to help you define your own musical style.Our seasoned and or professional musicians will work patientlywith each camper to help him or her reach your musical goals.  Individual instrumentallessons focus on improving instrumental techniques and learning to develop the abilities for performance on stage or playing for enjoyment.
Dance Classes:  Shake It Up Dance Club is an action filled and high energy dance club.  Middle School children love this class.  It is one of the most popular classes offered on the camp.  Music comes alive through artistic movement with traditional and modern techniques.  It is an exciting way to stay fit and lean for the summer.

MUSICAL THEATER CLASSES:  Lights, camera, action! The campers will learn the basics of participating in a musical theater performance. Voice, choral singing, simple choreography, basic acting skills.They will explore scenes, songs, and dance moves from broadway musical.  They will participate in acting out scripts,designing their own custumes, building stage settings,putting up sets, and becoming a stage crew member. Start spreading the news! 

Recreational Sports: Campers play various sports activities such as kick ball, soccer, wiffle ball, wall ball, jump rope, hop scotch, dodge ball, street hockey, and much more. They work in teams and learn good sportmanship.
Board/ Electronics Games:
Campers play board games and electronic games with other campers. Air hockey, too. They may bring their own electronics to play with other campers in the Game Room. VMA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please remember to keep all belongings with you as you leave each classroom. Thanks
Mt. Holly Idol:  A star is born everyday at VMA. In this fun club, solo singers perform and practice their favorite Karaoke song without the stress of competing or judges. They may perform at the show.
Book Club: Everyone loves to snuggle up to a good book on lazy hot summer days. Campers enjoy reading a variety of books and join in on book talks and walks. They can draw, talk, or write about their favorite book. They may bring their own books to read also.
Mad Scientist Club: It's a vast galaxy with some much to explore. Campers will participate in several fun and interesting Science Experiments involving food, volcanos, and much more.  They may even learn new things as they perform experiments with lab partner.  Just for the fun of science.
Religious Studies: Campers K to 12 will learn to sing simple traditional biblical songs, read or listen to stories in the bible, make and take craft or make religious art work, and play religious games. Spreading the Good News! (this activity is meant for every religious background)