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Basic Art I, II, III (3 weeks)
Children will learn different styles of different artists, brief history of famous artists, and study various art techniques such water color, pastels, and drawing.  Keep portfolio of work and choose pieces to display in the Camp Art Gallery this summer.
All Age Groups
No Prerequisite

Arts and Craft I, II (2 weeks)
This is a make and take class.  The children will create various crafts while learning several styles using many types of materials. Class will keep portfolio of work and choose item to display at the Campers's Art Gallery.
All age groups
Not Prerequisite

Guitar Ensemble I, II (2 weeks)
This class is intended for guitar and bass students to play with other guitar and bass players in a jam session.  It is a good chance to do your first guitar or bass performance or add to your list of "gigs" without the pressure of playing alone.  Play melody, chords, bass lines, or percussive effects.  Learn to read music.
Grades 4-8
Some prior experience playing guitar or bass

Glee Club Show Chorus I,II, III (3 weeks)
Campers will learn to sing in a chorus to a variety of children's songs correlated with the musical theater group as well as ballads which may include simple unison singing, two-part harmonies, or simple rounds.  Many popular and well loved tunes is presented in this class.  It is designed to encourage children to sing with confidence and learn the joy of singing to lift your spirits.
All ages
No prerequisite

Instrumental Study I, II, III ( 3 weeks)
This course is designed as a chance for campers who already play an instrument to continue their study in the summer, receive extra instruction from one of our faculty, and or to prepare to perform for campers and parents at the show.  Cello, violin, marimba, guitar, piano, bass, drums, flute, strings, saxophone, and piano are some of the instruments that have been studied in the past.  Campers can use their own instrument, rent one, or borrow one.
Grades K-8
At least 5 months of prior lessons on the instrument
Please indicate your instrument that your want to study on the registration card at

Introduction to Guitar and Bass I, II, III (3 weeks)
An introduction to the guitar and bass to learn the basic fingering and playing techniques for campers considering study in guitar and bass.
Grades K-8
No Prerequisite

Rock Band I, II, III (3 weeks)
A course for campers who have experience playing an instrument and want to team up with other musicians, form a band, and rock on!
Grades 4-8
Some prior instrumental lessons

Handbells I and II (2 weeks)
Learn note recognition, basic music terms, timing and simple songs while playing handbells.
Grades K to 8
No prerequisite

Beginner Piano I, II, III (3 weeks)

Musical Theater (All age groups)(3 week program)
No prerequisite
  1. Learn to create simple stage props and background scenery.
  2. Practice various basic, intermediate, and or advanced acting and techniques.
  3. Learn simple theater vocabulary
  4. Learn simple dance steps
  5. Practice choral and solo singing
  6. Apply stage make-up if necessary.
  7. Participate in musical theater performance.
  8. Wear and design costumes
Shake It Up Dance Club I, II (2 weeks)
Action filled and energetic activities with simple dance steps to modern music.  The campers will learn unique choreography, dance techniques, and fun warm-ups that will keep them moving all week long.
All ages
No prerequisite

Religious Studies: NEW (2 weeks)
Children K-6 would learn to sing simple traditional biblical songs Father Abraham, My B-i-b-l-e, and many fun songs, read/listen to stories in the bible, make and take craft or make religious art work, and play religious games. Spreading the Good News! (this activity is meant for every religious background)

Teen Religion Dance, Art, and Music: NEW (3 weeks)
This class would explore religious music from all over the world.  Discuss and compare to other religions. Make and Take art crafts and creative writing.  Children 7th-12th grades may write lyrics to their own song or make up a religious song.  (this activity is meant for every religious background)

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