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Injecting oxycodone 30mg 224

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Small round blue pill imprinted I3 A small round baby blue pill imprinted on one side with I3 possibly mistaken for 13 Opposite side is blank.

How to iv 224 blue pill oxycodone Oxycodone - Pill Identifier | Drugs.com

Just order some microns, wait, and then safely enjoy your opioid bliss, rather than just using cotton or worse. I don't think I personally attacked you at all. These are the fast acting. I don't know if you're thinking that you need to use one filter per pill or something, but I'd suggest you read those threads and educate yourself a bit instead of whining.

Can you inject 10 percocet, Barr sandoz vs adderall. Return to the blog of maidrenarboi. I was cringing reading that explanation on how to shoot up pills that gel Even if I smoked for 60 years and was still living, does that somehow negate the fact that something like 1 in 3 life-long smokers die as a direct result of their smoking?

Injecting - How do you inject oxycodone 30mg big blue s? I also started to notice when their shifts changed so I asked the first nurse to give something for the pain and then another after few minutes and most of the time they did not check if the first one had injected something into me: It hit like normal and left a shitload of residue behind that I suspect I could do the process again and have a little drug left over.

Return to the blog of maidrenarboi how to inject oxycodone You must log in or sign up to reply here. I was merely suggesting using a cap instead of a spoon to mix the pill in. If you want to assume unnecessary risks, feel free but please do not encourage others to do so They are very habbit forming and will tear your stomache up if you over do it.

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Preceding post Next post. Not necessarily exactly what I have personally done, and gotten away with. What is the new formula of Opana you're speaking of? Probably an abuse-reducing tactic: I just came across the roxys for the first time today. I get the point and I also wasnt saying that my logic could be used in 'x' situation.

Cialis and size

Minimal risk is achieved using micron filters and sterile technique. I wasn't saying you were advocating using diseased whore spit in place of water but instead demonstrating the flaw in your logic. But every source says they are, and the high suggests they are too. I was addressing your claims from a harm reduction perspective.

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Nov 20, 1.