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Dangers of abruptly stopping prednisone

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I pray all of you hang in there until your relief comes and that it comes real soon! General body weakness or fatigue Muscle weakness Body aches Headaches Fever Low blood pressure hypotension Nausea and vomiting Joint pain Dehydration Mental changes Difficulty breathing Flaky or peeling skin.

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By day 4 I felt as though I was coming apart on a molecular level. I also peed a lot and it made my bp go up. I am going on my 3rd year of continuous steroid treatment. To Beverly Galante, I am tapering after 2 years on prednisone.

I have no other option than to up my prednisone and use my nebulizer. I am very irritable, anxious and depressed, when will this ever stop? I was wondering if anyone else has been on prednisone for a really extended amount of time. The symptoms of prednisone withdrawal can include: Then call the doctor office at first chance.

I was taking 5mg daily. I am so fatigued I can hardly function. The diarrhea lasted 4 weeks.

Prednisone Withdrawal Symptoms

The brown spots are caused by ACTH from your pituitary gland overproducing because it is trying to stimulate you adrenals to produce cortisol. Feel free to add your story or comment below. At last count there were over comments in the feedback section of this post. I have been on 5 mg for a long time.

I would rather die too. I get the worst shakes, heart palpitations, nausea, light headiness, breathlessness and the list continues. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

Factors that influence Prednisone withdrawal include:

This content does not have an English version. Explaining multiple sclerosis Bursitis Can arthritis pain medications be harmful? I had a severe allergy to a medicine given to me at a hospital for a problem that they caused. Today is two weeks since my last dose and my body is not happy!

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Kelly in the X-Men movie when he exploded into a liquid By day 5 my joints, muscles and bones hurt like I had been running on pavement for hours. Every time I attempted a taper my Behcets would come raging back. Is there a link?

Therefore your body and brain become dependent on the Prednisone for everyday functioning when taken for an extended period.