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Can ativan lower your blood pressure

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It is for anxiety and yes anxiety can raise blood pressure but complete evaluation should be done along with heart tests as your blood pressure was very high risk of heart problem or stroke. The most common side effects with lorazepam are drowsiness, sedation and respiratory depression shallow breathing.

There have also been reports of hyperactivity and aggression. Do not increase dosage without talking to your health care provider first, if you feel you are not getting the same results after using this medication for a period of time.

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If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your physician or immediately. If you in the UK, a pharmacist should be able to answer this question, in person, or by phone. The developers of this Internet website only provide information which should be known for the safe use of the medical products but they highly recommend consulting qualified doctors before starting the use of any strong remedies.

Posted 11 May at Benzodiazepine class drugs which Ativan belongs to traditionally tend to decrease blood pressure substantially.

Common Questions and Answers about Ativan and high blood pressure

Several factors, alone or combined, can cause high blood pressure. Altivan helps me to face the situation. I went to a walk in and they said it was anxiety, gave me ativan and told me I would feel better in the morning. You would be so lethargic, that the only thing you could manage to do is sleep. Ativan is a benzodiazepine which is used to treat anxiety disorders. Blood pressure readings show two numbers: John Lee and Virginia Hopkins explains how cholesterol really works. Related Articles What Your Dr.

From middle age on, low blood pressure can be just as harmful as high blood pressure, causing fatigue, poor circulation, dizziness and fainting. I have bad anxiety when going for my cdl exam and my blood pressure shoots up and I can't pass. Ativan and high blood pressure.

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In some cases they can make things worse. You would like since I work in the medical field I wouldn't have this but I do. Do not take the daily dose in one reception. Any tranquizer will lower your blood pressure but if its high you should also be on a blood pressure pill. If the water pipes get smaller, the water pressure goes up, and if the pipes get larger, the water pressure goes down. It is sad when you often don't have enough health for making happy everyone of those babes.

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Thank you very much. Answered in 5 minutes by:. Only use this medications they way you have been instructed by your health care provider.

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