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Whiten tetracycline stained teeth

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Photo-oxidation of tetracycline adsorbed on hydroxyapatite in relation to the light-induced staining of teeth.

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For those patients interested in some of the finest level of cosmetic dentistry available, call for your consultation today. This is one of several reasons that cervical portions of teeth are the most difficult to whiten. Reimbursable liabilities include severe tetracycline staining, severe fluorosis, hereditary opalescent dentin and amelogenesis imperfecta.

What is tetracycline staining?

He can be reached via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. Circular motion was employed to prevent overheating. The patient agreed to one more cycle of at-home whitening. A rubber dam was placed, the teeth cleaned with fine pumice, and the Xtra Boost applied to the target teeth according to manufacturer's directions Figure 5.

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The border line between tetracycline-affected area and non-affected area, which was hypocalcified, could be recognized. Instead of 2 weeks of at-home whitening, 4 to 8 weeks is recommended, depending on the severity and resistance of the case.

The teeth were lightly dried and the results were checked.

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If the pathways into the microstructure cannot be cleared, the free radicals are unable to break down the large, long-chain dark stain and pigment molecules. Informed consent was obtained after the explanation of what was expected by the bleaching treatment by using KTP laser. Porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns can perfectly match the natural teeth if artistry and custom made porcelain is developed.

With this procedure we have figured out how to achieve permanent incredible whitening success with every single patient and how to do it with very low or no sensitivity. Shade-taking resulted in C4. Sometimes dental lasers do not get the most predictable healing, so even though he has the lasers, her prefers doing his microsurgeries by hand.

This was possibly due to the incomplete drying of the surface before blocking which resulted in gingival inflammation. The take home trays are the most economical option and you can extend the treatment for as long as you want. Answers to Dental Questions.

Botox Relieves Muscle Pain in the J The process is about 1. Few dentists have understood why this unpredictability exists. Slight injury to the gingiva cannot always be prevented, so the protecting and healing methods must be improved.

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And your typical translucent, redhead-type bleaching-resistant teeth. Jordan RE, Boksman L. Vitamin E ointment Maruha, Tokyo, Japan was applied to the marginal gingiva for help to healing. The results were absolutely unbelievable.