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How long will it take to lose weight after stopping abilify

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I finally stepped on the scale today because I suspected that I hadn't lost an ounce--and I was right. Fact is humans are animals who prey on each others.

I got very ill so after 2 weeks I picked up my Aripiprazole generic and started taking 5 mgs.

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Also the generic is much cheaper. Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question.

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Okay for a little less than 2 months I have been on abilify, klonopin and wellbuitrin. I just started excercising again, very excited about that.

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Worth some research for you if you want to change from Abilify to natural meds. Everyone has a different nervous system and physiological response to medications.

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My boyfriend wants me to go outdoors looking like this???? The pounds mean nothing to me compare to health and happiness. I remember my manic episodes. Have you told your psychiatrist about the symptoms?

I decided to trust my gut and get off the meds. I finally decided to try going off again and stopping the medication about 2 weeks ago without tapering further.

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We are here to support and educate each other. I had just been slightly depressed a few years before and my doctor recommended Abilify. Has anyone else had this from such short amount of time? I have now completed weaning off the zyprexa for one month.

Sorry in advance if this has already been said, though it probably bears repeating.

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Then after being on it for three years I started getting strange side effects like MS so doctors told me to come off the drug. I managed to lose 50 pounds on it BUT have gained some of that weight back so it could well be related to the Abilify. Best wishes to all. I avoid people at work. I have also done a lot of stints in the psych ward over the last 14 years I think 7. I feel so off. I bought liquid Abilify to help me with the final stage of my taper, to go more slowly, but unfortunately that liquid form is being discontinued in 10 days and will no longer be available for purchase.

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