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Metronidazole avoid alcohol

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Is it safe to take Metronidazole hours after drinking alcohol? I have never felt this before so that's why I was determined that I was about to die. If I had one unit I can imagine that'd make me ill; earlier I was going to have a risotto but it has white wine in the sauce, or stroganoff, which has brandy in the sauce but didn't 'cause I didn't want to risk it.

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Effect of metronidazole on liver alcohol dehydrogenase. After the course I waited about 36 hours before drinking and I was fine but even then I had one beer and waited to see how that went before having another.

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Please take care, wish you best! I was on this med for 7 days I took my last dose at 8 am this morning. Add your Response Find similar questions. Here's what to do after it happens and how long it'll take to grow back. What I have experienced.

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I was thinking the alcohol would have been out of my system by now but i will wait another day before starting my script. Again, don't drink on this drug.

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Original post by dob86 I thought Metronidazole reacted with alcohol because it inhibited alcohol dehydrogenase like Disulfuram does so that alcohol rapidly accumulates and causes the sickness. Follow 14 London School of Economics Replies: Is it silly to avoid the small amounts that'd be in the sauces?

Alcohol should be avoided at all cost when on metronidazole in any form.

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Is that a bad idea? I drank beer yesterday However I'm still anxious to know how the minimum safe interval between taking the last dose and ingesting any alcohol. Read about eight possible causes and how to treat them. You still should not do it if possible, just out of common sense, but personally I took it by accident with a bit of alcohol mind you, not that much and all I walked away with was a dull stomach ache that went away after I drank a whole bunch of water and ate dinner.

This article changed my life! If possible, avoid the use of medicines that contain alcohol when using metronidazole. So no, these side effects are not a definite.