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Seroquel first dose

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I asked my doc if I could increase my dosing schedule at a slower rate so I could get used to it. Feel free to memail me if you want. I am slightly hypoglycemic, and for the first few months of taking it, I had to be sure to eat every four hours or get dizzy.

You are right about the reason to live part, though I describe it slightly differently. I hope and pray that you can see glimmers of happiness and that your support network will increase. Thanks for your replies.

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If you have something that may fall into this category and are unsure if it is allowed or not please message the mods for clarification. Do regular activities during the day 6: This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. I've taken Seroquel IR for years at doses ranging from mgs for sleep, with 50 each evening being typical, and have also used the IR in varying amounts for breakthrough manic and hypomanic symptoms.

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Login or sign up in seconds. But it sure works on the manic side of stuff. Seroquel dose and weight gain!!

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So I ended up staying home today and slept in another 4 ins. If the anxiety is recent and it's not all the time, I don't think seroquel would be the way I'd go I thought my pdoc was nuts when he said this could help the incessant "itching" not like rash itching, more like creepy ugh get it off. Did your doctor say anything about taking it before bed?

Still, I focus at work.

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BB code is On. To call the bot simply name a drug, but prefix it with "! There is only sleep.

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I have to look at my watch or computer or ask someone. I accidentally got a second opinion I was in search of ADD meds which this doctor doesn't prescribe and was immediately taken off their medicine.

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I'm liking abilify better though. I feel much better today. This thread is closed to new comments. I didn't feel much effect other than tiredness at first, and so was bumped to a higher dose. I am up against Christians that believe mental disease is caused by sinful thinking. The symptoms you are experiencing at such a low dose tells me there is a lot going on with you.

So why try at all?