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Im addicted to ibuprofen

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Take care Latchy Report this. Although I did have to go to her the other day as i am severely constipated! Sorry been a bit busy, well your doing excellently, I wouldn't worry about the blood tests, there are peopleincluding me who took huge quantities of pills over a very long time and who had no ill effects, as for the headache I'm afraid I've never had a " headache" in my life, even after being hit with a hammer and having 15 stitches!.

It's a really hazardous painkiller.

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Boy, 17, 'ambushed by two teenagers and disembowelled in Thanks so much for taking the trouble to write. Two degrees, good family etc. It an addiction, and has come part of daily life.

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Ibuprofen Treatment and Help Currently, the information about Ibuprofen addiction is minimal since the drug is non-addictive and not habit forming. When prescribed by a doctor, Ibuprofen typically comes in a tablet form and is taken by mouth every four to six hours as needed for pain.

I usually visit every pharmacy in my town each week.

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I actually did not find it that helpful. Thank so much everyone! Thanks again xx Report this. You start off in all innocence trying to control your pain and the next minute you are addicted x.

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I have lost just over 5 stone going from 15 to 10 9. Maybe due to addiction? She responded positively and I felt a huge wave of relief.

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If your doing heroin you get help if your a alcoholic you get help but if your addicted to a prescription drug Alcohol is a drug and is as bad if not worse than paracetamol, it can also cause liver damage and addiction.

It happened to me. It may take a while, a month or so, but you will feel better eventually, whichever method you choose, the choice my friend is yours, but I'll be here to help you through it if you need it, time for bed now, I'll check in tomorrow all the best, Rob Report this.

What kind of drug is ibuprofen?

With regard to the psychological component, I experienced a certain comfort in taking it and became unable to sleep without it.

This article is an eye opener. I also sustained injuries to my right heel and later developed bursitis in the left knee because of all the limping. I don't think being a health professional is helping as I know exactly what I am doing to myself.

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And i couldnt even take the Nplus without vomiting so i was involuntarily going into the worst withdrawal it was HELL.