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Imodium for goats

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Store in cool dark place. I have never taken a doe off grain at all. It sounds like acidosis to me. By her eyelids she's not anemic. I'm not to trying to sound like a smart butt but you need to slowly put your goat back on grain alone with all she already being eatting because changing the feed like that can also cause problems.

Sorry I have never used Corid on my goats. Add Probiotics to Pedalite mixture once baby shows signs of improvement for one feeding. Imodium AD Jan 1, 4: I would make sure she has access to baking soda at all times. Reduce amount when doe is more alert and starts to eat. Allow scours to continue for 24 hours.

Okay check her gums instead of the eyelids.

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It's possible that your wormer doesn't work in your area any more. Do not give Immodium to any animal it is not good for them. Add some vitamins and electrolytes to thier water, and keep trying to get her to eat hay, maybe even a little grain for energy, though goat nutri-drench would be preffered.

Birth defects and tumors may also be possible. Just never again give any goats that type of med. Dose the critter with it every four hours until it feels better.

Oct 8, Mix with one gallon water.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. You may also want to reworm your herd. Try a wormer that you can tell how much the goat is getting. The kid will have an unsteady gait and be weak.

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This is a very cruel disease and death is usually eminent. Good to use to get a doe through the night.