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Leg pain from tamoxifen

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I stopped tamoxifen after 11days because my MO thought my cancer had spread to my bones.

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Sorry to hear Tamoxifen has. So it is a side effect from tamoxifen?


It also causes liver cancer in rats. Leg pain and tamoxifen - Sunday, May 03, 7: Since then I have had terrible cramps in lower legs, ankles, and toes. Any other ideas our there???? I too have been using the soap in our bed. Tamoxifen may cause blockages to form in a vein, lung, or brain. I have been having the same problems with bone pain. Asked by anonymous Survivor since about 6 years. I hope you find something that works for you, I know how awful they are.


I forgot to get bananas today, darn! I buy 2 avacados every time I go to the store so I have that covered. When she visited me last year, I suggested she drink tonic water.

I an on Aromacin and hope it is a side effect, I just had CT scans and they didn't see anything. My bc was smaller than. Other than that how are you holding up? Started Jan 1, The side effects do list bone pain as one possible. Her year-old daughter started getting leg cramps at night really bad, and doesn't like bananas, so Mom suggested the tonic water, and Daughter's leg cramps have pretty much disappeared now.

Yes, I have had charlie horses in my life ,maybe 2 or 3 ever, but now, since taking Tamoxifen I get them every week In both legs!!

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Thank you for your posts. The soap remedy sounds amazing. Login to search all areas Not a member?