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Antiplatelet Therapy

The elimination half-life of prasugrel is approximately 7 h, but as with aspirin and clopidogrel, its inhibitory effect is irreversible. An important factor is the initial indication for antiplatelet therapy and, most importantly, the consequences of stopping the drug before the operation.

Remaining on anticoagulation in the periprocedural period must be balanced against the risk of periprocedural hemorrhage.

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Effect of aspirin on mortality in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Temporary interruption of vitamin K antagonism agents, without bridging while the INR is subtherapeutic, is recommended for patients with bileaflet mechanical aortic valve replacements and no other risk factors. ASA has a short half-life and therefore has a low likelihood of affecting the transfused platelets even if the drug was ingested within an hour of the surgical procedure.

The activated platelet plays not only an important role in the initiation and progression of atherosclerotic disease, but also has a quintessential role in the development of atherothrombosis, being implicated in endothelial, thrombotic, immune, and inflammatory responses.

Cilostazol is only a weak, reversible platelet inhibitor with an elimination half-life of approximately 21 h, and thus requires discontinuation for 2 days before surgery [ 19 ]. During the first six weeks after bare-metal stents or surgical revascularization, the operative risk is higher than without revascularization. Note the insert which shows the degree of platelet inhibition both as a percentage of total as well as the actual MA associated with the pathway. Continue reading from December 15, Previous: With this database variables were analysed.

Perioperative management of patients with coronary stents.

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Catastrophic outcomes of non-cardiac surgery soon after coronary stenting. Case report and literature review of the outcome following reimplantation of the arm.

Lung resection for non-small cell lung cancer after prophylactic coronary angioplasty and stenting: Interruption of this therapy before intervention can lead to death or repeat myocardial infarction due to in-stent thrombosis [ 6 — 9 ]. In the clinical dose range of 75— mg, the elimination half-life of aspirin is approximately 2—4 h. Clopidogrel therapy is mandatory for six weeks after placement of bare-metal stents, three to six months after myocardial infarction, and at least 12 months after placement of drug-eluting stents.

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Recommendations for management of antiplatelet therapy in patients undergoing elective noncardiac surgery after coronary stent implantation. Respond to this article.

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Platelets ; The degree of platelet inhibition due to aspirin or an ADP-receptor antagonist, such as clopidogrel, is assessed as a function of change in impedance before and after addition of the appropriate agonist.

On the other hand, clopidogrel has a half-life of 7—9 h so if the transfusion is administered within that time frame, the new platelets will be affected by the available circulating drug. Variability in individual responsiveness to clopidogrel: