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Taking 2 7.5 hydrocodone

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The symptoms you describe are characteristic of withdrawal. I keep hearing and reading about all of the addiction to these types of pain meds and I just thought that taking 15 mgs.

Also, and I know these are extended release, but OxyContin come in 80mg pills, and can also be prescribed up to 4 times daily.

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We are here to help you if you have any problem with addiction. Dosing Information Bioavailability of various opioids Opioid potentiators discussed here.

This is an archived post. Afternoon, usually the knawing pain tells me its time, listen to your body, i find this VERY important.

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Not knowing the risks. By evening, I can barely walk or move my legs. Sign In or Register.

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You must sign in to view your friends. I took two mistakenly thinking was the regular strength tylenol…. The lack of oxygen reaching your brain due to depressed breathing can cause permanent brain damage. I write this in hopes that hopefully someone will read my story and realize the deadly and painful risk of addiction to this and any drug.

Take em and enjoy it. As long as you do not take more than you should. Then he repeated it 2 more times. My doctor retired so i had to see another doctor who took me off that and prescribed me 10 miligram norco at 4 a day.

You can call the Poison Control Center at to speak to a poison expert and tell them how much you have taken of which medication, and they will instruct you on what you should do next. Opioid potentiators discussed here.

This site is well intentioned.

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Is it safe to take 5 hydrocodone in a day approx 2 times a week. Calls to any general helpline non-facility specific XX numbers for your visit IP: I believe you will be ok, but call your pharmacist for more professional info. I suggest you Call the Poison Control Center on to speak with a poison expert and get instructions on what you should do next.

I am 87 years old.

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