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Baby hates ranitidine

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For getting your kid to take the foul tasting stuff, try putting it into flavored syrup before drawing it up into the syringe. It's rank I'm not surprised they don't link taking it! I came across it when refreshing myself on newborn sleep for my 3 month old daughter! If your baby is of the human variety you have probably noticed that getting them to take medicine is quite the challenge.

As with most 'Bubba' things, persistence is the key! It just takes a little time for them to learn something new and then it is no big deal. If I don't lean her back while giving her meds she spits them out. She kept a little more in, but still spit most of it out.

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Ditto on this for both of my girls. Here is what you do.

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Also I just shot it all at once into the back of his throat. Does anyone have any other tricks? Liquid Prilosec is the worst! It was incredibly annoying. And yeah, we just shot it in her mouth and chased it with the boob. I hope this helps. When you mention that medications come in suppository form most parents blanch and back slowly away from your right? Choose a badge dddd. She is currently on 1ml twice daily.

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Does this also help bring wind up as she ha been burping and farting ever since I gave her the first dose? Put meds in the nipple and when baby sucks, they swallow meds down and barely taste it.

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Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. We were to just to put it directly in his milk, I expressed milk and just put it in there, he took it no problem. Created by mromine12 Last post 2 months ago. I would try and put it in the milk as the poster above advises x. You are passing a message to a BabyCentre staff member.