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She is 45 years old. Click the stars to rate this post. Some of the side effects which can occur as a result of Phen-Pro are jitteriness, nervousness, anxiety and restlessness, and the combination of phentermine and any SSRI also increases the risk of a rare but serious condition called serotonin syndrome. Has anyone been prescribed phentermine and Saxenda together? Large amounts of caffeine may result in side effects such as tremor shakingpalpitations fast or irregular heart beatnausea, restlessness and trouble or inability to sleep.

Patients and Caregivers Clinician Explanation. Luvox corrects this chemical imbalance and may help relieve the symptoms of depression and OCD. Could u please help me. In both cases, your heart is under more stress than usual and the risk of heart disease and heart attacks is increased.

Karin Muller New Member. I would also like to know if it is safe to take Phentermine with GoLo Release. I have been on Phentermine alone beginning in April and after 3 months I had lost about 20 lbs.

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Additionally, as there is the possibility of further side effects caused by the interaction between the two medications, patients taking Phen-Pro should be vigilant and monitor their reactions very carefully. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the dose you missed and take your next dose when you are meant to.

In certain cases these combinations may be prescribed to help treat other existing conditions such as sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes, while other combinations are intended to work together to increase the effectiveness of phentermine.

Special care may be needed. Jul 28, Messages: The most common symptoms are nausea feeling sickvomiting and diarrhoea. Hi I use anti-dapressants aswell and i can honestly say today is a bad day. Taken from an Australian medical website, regarding antidepressants and Duromine: Stick to your diet, but cut out fat as far as possible and do your exercise provided your dr who is treating your mitral valve prolapse has given permission??

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So I am definitely excited to see the outcome. But I lost 3.

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Do not let yourself run out of medicine over the weekend or on holidays. Like other medicines, Luvox can cause some side effects. Went from to in 3 weeks. You may also like. What medications was your daughter in law on? I don't have any bad side effects except that my mood is not good.