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Lamictal but still depressed

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I just now threw all my coffee away so I wouldn't be tempted to drink it in the mornings anymore when I don't need it.

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View all 15 comments Add your Comment. I still have depressed days on lamictal, now I feel in control of my sad moods or depression though, where as before I was on medication I felt that there was nothing I could do to make myself feel normal.

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Also, the recent post about possible MS didn't really worry me, and my doctor's reaction only made me feel better. Safety of Lamotrigine for Senior People The handling of Lamotrigine in the elderly patients is quite similar to those with children.

Treating bipolar can be very delicate. Once I hit mg of lamictal fatigue stopped and severe tingling and off balance started. I was at 50mg for 2 wks and and this week going up to 75mg. But that is not the case. I hope that you will feel better So i thought i need AD again. Thank you so much for your kind word Atima hope I spelled it right: Minimal Side Effects — The side effects of Lamotrigine are quite minimal and usually fade away after some time which is a major advantage for every patient.

Believe me I know it's hard because I have been there. You should not have to suffer like you are. Hi RG, I am new to this community and I hope you can answer my question too.

I couldn't believe it. My dear friend, hope springs eternal.

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Lamictal lamotrigine has been approved! I will say a prayer for you, that you will start to feeling better real soon.

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Does anyone have any information that can give me a good word. I wondered if you were taking anything other than the Lamictal and if so, what. Lamictal mg QDlithium levels 0. Well I am also on Pristiq and mg Lamictal. I am also on lamictal off-label for depression only not bipolar.

Those with mild rashes can easily continue treatment along with an antihistamine. I believe medications are great, but sometimes I think no medication can controll all mood fluctuations when you have bipolar disorder. The side effects are weird, but I hope to increase a bit more to alleviate the depression. Trying to be patient and deal w side effects until I get to the ideal dose. Are you a clinician?