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Methotrexate radiation recall

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This regimen was tolerated well and the patient remained stable until September when a questionable new liver lesion was detected.

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Radiation recall is usually diagnosed through evaluation of treatment history, symptoms, and physical examination. Treatment of cancer involves the widespread use of radiotherapy in conjunction with chemotherapy. Ortmann E, Hohenberg G.

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Gemcitabine-induced radiation recall dermatitis: Breast J ; A number of antineoplastic agents have been reported to cause this phenomenon. Gemcitabine-induced radiation recall dermatitis in a patient with resistant Hodgkin lymphoma.

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As an example of radiation recall with a new drug, we present in detail a case study of a radiation recall reaction induced by ixabepilone. When the reaction is not severe, it may resolve spontaneously and an approach of close observation is adequate.

Radiation recall dermatitis induced by pegylated liposomal doxorubicin. This regimen was tolerated well and the patient remained stable until September when a questionable new liver lesion was detected. Services E-mail this article to a colleague Alert me when this article is cited Alert me if a correction is posted Alert me when eletters are published Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in Web of Science Similar articles in PubMed Download to citation manager.

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What are the symptoms of radiation recall? In another patient, radiation recall dermatitis was triggered by pemetrexed when given 25 years after radiotherapy, and the reaction occurred again on rechallenge [ 15 ].

There was also a perivascular lymphohistiocytic infiltrate with neutrophils. Interestingly, radiation recall reactions with gemcitabine appear to be predominantly noncutaneous, with about two thirds of cases involving internal tissues and organs [ 16 ] Table 1. I ncidence of R adiation R ecall Few systematic reports have examined the incidence of radiation recall, and most of the literature concerning this phenomenon is presented as case reports, limiting the opportunity to determine the actuarial risk of occurrence.

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Treatment depends on the organ system affected and the severity of the reaction; however, no specific therapies are available. Radiation recall dermatitis in a patient treated with dacarbazine.

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Timing of Chemotherapy after MammoSite radiation therapy system breast brachytherapy: Patients who experience radiation recall reactions may or may not have experienced acute radiation reactions. The time over which radiation recall resolves appears to depend somewhat on the pharmacokinetics of the precipitating agent, and reactions may resolve more rapidly after discontinuation of intravenous treatment than oral treatment. Radiation recall is drug-specific for any individual patient; it is not possible to predict which patients will react to which drugs, and rechallenge does not uniformly induce a reaction.

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