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Does ibuprofen help with food poisoning

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Answered the question professionally and with a great deal of compassion. Food poisoning often causes tiredness or fatigue, usually as a result of fever, chills plus vomiting and diarrhoea.

Keep fever down by sponging and anti fever medication.

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Dear Reader, Often times the best medicine for food poisoning is rest and plenty of fluids. I'm going to try the ginger. If you're keeping down fluids, slowly introduce easy-to-digest foods, like the classic BRAT diet: Food poisoning can range from mild to severe.

For the past 2 months now, I've been experiencing some weird symptoms. Baby aspirin Tiazac Atacand JA: I have been vomiting and my stomach hurts a lot I feel bloated. I ended up traveling to Ecuador and became ill with some sort of food poisoning during the last 2 or 3 days of my antibiotics cycle. Caffeine and alcohol may make you feel worse when you have food poisoning, so it is best to avoid them.

Do not try and make your own re-hydration drinks as you will be unable to include the exact amount of minerals needed for replacement. By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy. JustAnswer in the News: Initially we contributed it to menstrual pains it seemed likely but around that time i had also had a nasty case of food poisoning from bad chinese food.

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People with a compromised immune system due to an illness or cancer treatment are also at risk. Help answer questions Start your very own article today. The following home remedies may help minimize your discomfort and shorten the duration of your symptoms.

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If you've been poisoned by contaminated food and your digestive system is reacting with diarrhea or vomiting, you can trust your body's impulses. Further reading and references. Later i went back to the doctor had another ultrasound, they said i had fluid in my ovaries which they thought mite be period blood and so i was referred to a gyno.

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You will have to try a few of these before finding the right one for you. When should I restart a medical regiment after suffering from food poisoning? Not Helpful 4 Helpful Now I avoid food additives and certain other triggers, because I know they make me feel miserable.

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