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How does it feel to be on clonazepam

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It seems that for me the klonopin is preventative for my panic and anxiety rather than acting as a med that leaves me feeling sedated and such, thus relieving anxiety. Xanax fiends are always saying things like, " clonazepam might as well not even be a benzo" or " clonazepam has zero recreational value". Last edited by Cyanoide; at My Doctor said take 1 tablet an hour before going to bed then take a second one after that hour it made a total difference.

However, when the Zoloft was added to the Klonopin my anxiety level started to decrease. Wiki Research Mission Statement Donate! He drove home after work and had no recollection of the entire previous day, its fucking lucky he drove fine.

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Find the best rehab center or treatment program in your area Verify if your insurance can cover the costs of treatment Call Now: What are the dangers of Klonopin abuse? I am on 1 much and maybe should try a 2 mcg. I like the floppy leg feeling, which is why I liked flexeril. There is always a risk of addiction with benzodiazepines, but if thats the tradeoff to be a functional adult then so be it. And what ever else youd like to tell me.

Taking trazodone while pregnant

Any thoughts on that out there? We serve over 4 million readers per month, and have costs like all popular websites: I finally visisted a psychiatrist this past week and he put me on. And what is normal? What do you feel or how do you feel after your klonopin dose s every day?

How should I take it? Doc gave me 0.

Nuvigil xanax interaction

So then tomorrow Ill have the other half to take? May 3, 8.

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I think meds work different on different people. Once you have a doctor who prescribes what you need you'll be great. Still looking for answers? I am a female, who 'hit my breaking point' going through a divorce, demanding job, three kids, ages and I had a bad attack in the middle of the sound on a ferry. I intend to ask him why he prefers prescribing the time-released version of Xanax on my next appointment. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.